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  • Simple, intuitive, drag and drop Agenda Builder
  • Reusable Agenda Templates

Aprio saves you time.

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Your All In One & Best-In-Class Solution

Easy to Use

Advanced Security

Automated Agenda Builder

Multiple Admins at the Same Price

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Drag. Drop. Sync.

Organizing your board meetings has never been easier.

Our simple, easy-to-use Agenda Builder will have you up and running fast.

Save hours of wasted time preparing board packages AND give your board members the tools they need to be more engaged and productive.

Make Board Management Easy.

  • Schedule meetings and build agendas in just minutes.
  • Clone agendas and make your next board agenda even faster!
  • Jumpstart your minute-taking with topics auto-populated from your agenda.
  • Prep board packages in a few hours and share updates instantly.
  • Increase your board's efficiency, productivity and security, with our one-stop board portal and the industry's best support.
  • Sync your board books, agendas, minutes, actions and follow-ups across all your devices. Now with Offline Access!
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More productive meetings and better attendance

The biggest win with Aprio is how much we’ve improved pre-meeting engagement. We’ve also won back time and gained flexibility with our meeting prep. Our last packet took less than one hour to prepare.

Amy Nelson
Point West Credit Union

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