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Run efficient board meetings faster than ever

Our board portal software makes it easy to prepare & review board materials, run better meetings, and keep everything secure.


More productive meetings and better attendance

The biggest win with Aprio is how much we’ve improved pre-meeting engagement. We’ve also won back time and gained flexibility with our meeting prep. Our last packet took less than one hour to prepare.

Amy Nelson
Point West Credit Union

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Save big without sacrificing features, security, or support

With Aprio's board meeting software no one is stuck with the “lite” edition, we give you:

Affordable per-user pricing with premium features for all

Uncompromising security you can rely on

Unlimited committees at no extra cost

Unlimited ongoing training

Done-for-you set up

24/7/365 support you can count on


The efficiency that Aprio has brought to our processes are beyond excellent

The amount of time saved, the ability to have immediate communication, and the ability to archive and retrieve any document have produced an ROI that means Aprio pays for itself.

Kate Sherk
The Sterling Hall School

With Aprio Board Portal, you can:

Prep board packages in a few hours, not days

Distribute board packages and alert board directors to new changes with a few clicks. Select who gets access to documents—everyone, or a committee or sub-committee.

Features that make this possible:

One-click board package upload/aggregation

User-by-user groups and permissions

Contact information for each director all in one place

Keep documents securely in one place

Aprio’s board portal hub gives secure one-stop access to all the board materials you need, including agendas, minutes from past meetings, and the next meeting board package and all information is easy to search. Sitting on more than one board? Use Aprio to bring materials for all of them together.

Features that make this possible:

Centralized library storing all information

Archive with past meeting materials, including past decisions

Single sign-on for multiple boards

Simplify communication

Keep meetings efficient with online tools that let directors prepare for valuable discussion by adding notes to board materials. Use discussion tools to answer background questions before the meeting. Conduct votes & collect signatures online to accelerate decisions.

Features that make this possible:

Confidential and secure surveys

Board document annotations for personal use or sharing

Review and vote on resolutions in and out of regular meetings

Mitigate the risks of breach or loss

Protect information with total control over access. Admins can grant temporary access to auditors or legal counsel, as well as enforcing which documents cannot be downloaded or printed. Aprio also equips you to remotely wipe any lost or stolen devices.

Features that make this possible:

Admin-controlled privacy permission settings

Login authentication

Remote purge for lost or stolen devices

Less paper. More security. Better board meetings. See how easy good governance can be.

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