White Paper: Getting to the right conversation, for the right decisions

Whether you are deciding to further adjust branch hours or waive service fees and offer skip-a-payment mortgage options, there’s a lot for credit unions to decide right now with COVID-19.

Get expert perspective on 5 top priorities for credit union decisions

Credit unions have a unique obligation to factor in not only organizational strategy or fiduciary responsibilities but the needs of members as they make decisions.

This white paper provides five priorities worth focusing on as credit unions boards seek to make the right decisions today, and to ready for future unpredictable events: 

Inclusive board meetings – open inquiry & constructive debate

Diverse perspectives – consider the vantage of your membership

Technology for open communication timely, secure access

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Strong onboarding and development keep directors informed

Ensure business continuity readiness to make fast decisions

"Too often credit union boards lack ongoing awareness of membership needs and how they may be changing. When that’s not done, it’s a common mindset for board members to imagine the credit union serves one kind of persona - maybe someone just like themselves." 

Peter Myers
Senior Vice President
DDJ Myers 

"The challenge for credit union board members is to strike the right balance. Most credit unions have diverse member populations - how do you represent them? At the same time, how do you honor and maintain the member focus while delivering on the board’s fiduciary responsibilities?"

John Dinner
John T. Dinner Board Governance Services 

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